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Our Church History

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Built in 1891, on land donated by Lewis Franklin Hill, the church thrived for many years until about 1917, when attendance slowly dwindled. In 1944, a Presbyterian congregation was organized and began to worship in the vacant building. It prospered until 1957, when most of the local mines closed. It continued on a smaller scale until the late 1970s, and then closed.

A restoration project was begun in the late 1980s. The manse was rebuilt and the church restored, and now both structures are a credit to the community and are frequently photographed by summer tourists. An addition to the building, with an office/kitchen and bathrooms, was constructed in 2002, providing indoor plumbing for the first time.

Supported by the Presbytery of Western Colorado (PCUSA), the Rico Community Church operated primarily as a summer ministry until 2004, when year-round worship resumed. The congregation is once again growing.

Rico Community Church in 1924 Rico Church, 1896-1917 Ledger Rico Church Membership 1910 1906 Sunday School Book The Courthouse, Manse & Church 1910

1890 - 2006 Chronology -PDF

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2006 Church Information -PDF

2006 Church Members -PDF

Rico Church Contributors -PDF

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